Texas Everbearing Fig Tree Live Plant

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One live TEXAS EVERBEARING FIG TREE. It’s a Healthy 1 Gallon size plant about 2-3 ft tall with lots of healthy roots. This Fig tree is easy to grow, growing up to 10 ft tall and 10 ft wide ! Good for your home, garden and very nutritious. OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Large, plump, juicy fruit with a delicious, sweet flavor. Ideal fresh or for preserves. Very Heavy Producer, and survives hot, cold and freeze temperature, hardy -10 F. This fig will suit any garden. I will wrap the roots and soil with wet paper towel and send priority mail on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to assure freshness . We ship to all 50 states and territories including CA, HI, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands with Tx Ag Dept. Inspection Certificate on all plants going out of state. When you get the plant put it in healthy soil and water everyday until it looks happy and green then you can water whenever you would like to. You can plant in the full sun.



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